Kwame Kilpatrick's Son Tweets Picture Of His Dad Behind Bars, Says He'll 'See Him Soon'Attached is a rare photo of a smiling Kilpatrick behind bars.
Carlita Kilpatrick Allegedly Fired After Cash Found In Her Office Drawer [VIDEO]Kilpatrick was later let go from her $41,200 job at the city's athletic department, with the explanation that she didn't meet the qualifications for the job.
Kilpatricks Withdraw Plea For Donations For Sons' EducationFormer Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick now says he and his wife have decided not to send their three boys to one of the best private schools in the country.
Kwame Kilpatrick's Wife Reportedly Solicits Money For Sons' Private EducationAs a condition of his parole on 2008 state charges, Kwame Kilpatrick cannot solicit money from outside sources. But his wife -- now that's another story.
Focus Turns To Cash Received By Carlita Kilpatrick In Detroit Corruption TrialSome have called it the "friends and family" plan and, on Thursday, federal prosecutors in the corruption trial of ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick started outlining the money trail that started when he was in the state legislature.
Ex-Mayor's Wife Speaks Out In Upcoming Kilpatrick FilmThink you know Kwame Kilpatrick? In a upcoming documentary, Detroit's former Mayor will tell what is, according to him, the "real story."
New Claims Filed In Greene Lawsuit
Kilpatrick Faces Misconduct After Visit With Wife
Suit By Carlita Kilpatrick Dismissed In TX Court

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