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Dan Gheesling


Big Brother 14 Episode 24 Breakdown: Trust Issues

Dan is controlling this game. A returning houseguest is controlling this game. I really wish Big Brother would go back to only having new houseguests.

CBS 62–09/06/2012

Big Brother Santa Pandora's Box

Big Brother 14 Episode 23 Breakdown: Ian Reunites The Quack Pack

Pandora’s Box makes another surprising return and brings along another former houseguest to the house to bring unwanted joy, while Ian gets an actual week as HOH instead of a span of 30 min.

CBS 62–09/04/2012


Big Brother 14 Episode 21 Breakdown: Dan’s Fight To Survive

WOW! That’s all I can say about last night’s episode! There was so much that had gone on and I have to be honest, I knew a lot of what happened before tonight’s episode as well as before Sunday’s episode too!

CBS 62–08/30/2012


Big Brother 14 Episode 20 Breakdown: Pandora’s Box

I’m so glad they showed us the footage of what happened during the double eviction on tonight’s episode. It solidified what I was thinking about the players from my last post.

CBS 62–08/27/2012


Big Brother 14 Episode 17 Breakdown: Chilltown On The Block

I am so excited that Boogie has finally been put up for eviction and Frank is once again back on the block. Thank you also for finally acknowledging the “Floaters.” Tonight’s episode has reignited my […]

CBS 62–08/20/2012

ZingBot 3000

Big Brother 14 Episode 15 Breakdown: Return of ZingBot 3000

Last night’s episode brought back ZingBot 3000, from seasons 12 & 13 to give the new houseguests some new perspectives about themselves and, of course, some zings.

CBS 62–08/16/2012

Big Brother Frank

Big Brother 14 Episode 14 Breakdown: Who’s Public Enemy #1?

Julie Chen’s “homeskillet” is back in power as HOH. Which really means Chilltown 3.0 is controlling the game and, quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

CBS 62–08/14/2012


Big Brother 14 Episode 13 Breakdown: Janelle’s Luck Is Out

Well the first “backdoor” of the season was pulled off tonight, Janelle the buxom blonde was voted out. Now this was all orchestrated by Boogie.

CBS 62–08/10/2012


Big Brother 14 Episode 12 Breakdown: Let’s All Clique

America, I feel like I just watched a teenage movie staring Lindsay Lohan & Rachel McAdams on tonight’s episode.

CBS 62–08/09/2012

Big Brother 14 Cast

Big Brother 14 Episode 11 Breakdown: Promises Are Meant To Be Broken

America, I’d just like to remind you that you voted for this and I am not pleased! Putting my personal feelings aside, tonight’s episode moved the game forward even though it felt like it took two steps back.

CBS 62–08/06/2012




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