Feeling Blue? Take A Look At Your Friends

Notre Dame researchers found that the negative mindset of students vulnerable to depression can make their friends more likely to develop the condition down the road.

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Study: 8 Percent Of Teens Thought About Suicide

Some frightening statistics have been released by the Centers for Disease Control.

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UM Study: Docs Less Likely To Prescribe Antidepressants To Depressed Minorities

African-Americans and Hispanics with major depressive disorder are less likely to get antidepressants than Caucasian patients, and Medicare and Medicaid patients are less likely to get the newest generation of antidepressants.

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Sleeping Too Little May Contribute To Depression

Disrupted sleep is often a symptom associated with mood disorders, like depression, but researchers now believe that sleep problems may be a contributing factor in causing these disorders.

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New study about diagnosis of childhood depression from scientists at WSU. (File Photo)

WSU Scientists Reveal New Way To Diagnose Childhood Depression

A landmark study by scientists at Wayne State University has revealed a new way to diagnose and distinguish children with depression.

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Wayne State Researchers Find New Way To Examine Depression In Kids

A landmark study by scientists at Wayne State University has revealed a new way to distinguish children with major depressive disorder from not only normal children, but also from children with obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Targeting Depression Helps Diabetes Patients’ Overall Health

A team of researchers led by investigators at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System and the University of Michigan Health System worked to improve diabetes patients’ health by first addressing their depression.

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President, GOP Debate Financial Reform, Stimulus

President Barack Obama says consumers would lose if Republicans regain power in Congress and try to roll back his hard-won Wall Street overhaul.


Merck Schizophrenia Drug Approved For 2 New Uses

Merck & Co. said Tuesday its schizophrenia drug Saphris has been approved for two additional uses by the Food and Drug Administration.


UM Study: Those 'Brooding Russians' Less Distressed Than Americans

Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy portrayed Russians as a brooding, complicated people, and ethnographers have confirmed that Russians tend to focus on dark feelings and memories more than Westerners do. But a new University of Michigan study […]