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Security Cam For Broke Nerds Like Me

I’ve been looking for something that can monitor my house, my pets and my stuff while I’m at work or out of town.  I also want to be able to do it from my phone […]



A Wallet For Your iPhone And Your Cards

To say this is love at first sight for me is an understatement!  The brand new HEX iPhone Wallet is exactly what it sounds/looks like.  A Wallet that holds your iPhone 4 nice and tight, […]



iRule Your Entire Life With One App

Imagine controlling your entire home, everything…with one app. One remote control, to control EVERYTHING in your electronic life.



App Of The Week: HBO On The Go

If you have an HBO subscription, this is going to make your week worth smilin’ about.  Seriously, I have so many shows I look forward to on HBO, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound & Down I […]



Want A Google+ Invite?

Check out the latest social media wave for yourself, we’re giving out Google+ invites as long as Google will let us send ’em out.  The fastest growing social media outlet of all time (yes, even […]



Weekly Webcast: Technology, Gadgets And Fun Stuff For Detroiters

We’re launching a new web show! Nerds rejoice! It’s tailored to the Detroit tech crowd and stars local radio personalities Buck Head from 98.7 AMP Radio and Coop from 99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Country.

CBS 62–06/06/2011

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Facebook Planking Photos Make A Comeback

Facebook planking photos is not a new craze you may have seen in your facebook feed from your friends because it is making a come back. While the concept is simple the consequences can be deadly! SO DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! click link above to see all of Buck Heads facebook plank photos


YouTube Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal - A Viral Video Sensation

Viral YouTube Wedding Proposal

Many a man has proposed to their lady-friend on YouTube. Very few have done it like this weeks’ Wedding proposal viral video!