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"Into the Woods" continues at The Wyandotte Arts Center Aug. 10-11.  Photo: The AKT Theatre Project

Review: ‘Into the Woods’ Shines In Second Act

Ferrante’s set was not only one of the largest I’ve ever seen, but it made it easy for viewers to quickly be taken from town to woods, and everything in between.

CBS Detroit–08/07/2012

The 2012 Michigan Shakespeare Festival continues with "Love's Labour's Lost" through Aug. 11.  Photo: MSF

Michigan Shakespeare Festival: ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’

It is a romp filled with slapstick, juvenile antics, boyish tussles all made even sillier when faced with the more sophisticated beauty of the fairer sex.

CBS Detroit–07/27/2012

George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" is the third and final production to open at this summer's Michigan Shakespeare Festival.  Photo: MSF

Michigan Shakespeare Festival: A ‘Pygmalion’ Masterpiece

The result of the passionate acting and fine direction is the presentation of a classic work free of any cobwebs, one whose story offers as much to ponder now as it did when Shaw first presented it a century ago.

CBS Detroit–07/26/2012


Rollicking ‘Sex Farce’ Comes to Eastpointe

But farce has more gimmicks up its non-existent sleeve – bawdy humor and a happy ending. What more can one ask?

CBS Detroit–07/26/2012

Stephen West and Marlene Inman-Reilly as Tevye and Golde in "Fiddler on the Roof."  Photo: The Encore Musical Theatre

REVIEW: ‘Fiddler’ Brings Down The House

Even though the meaning of tradition changes throughout “Fiddler On The Roof,” the love Tevye feels for his family doesn’t and neither does the audiences love for this show.

CBS Detroit–07/20/2012

D.B. Schroeder left Chicago to create Detroit's newest professional theater company.  Photo: Courtesy Puzzle Piece Theatre

Puzzle Piece Theatre Will Be Anything But Ordinary

With storytelling that re-imagines what is possible in live performance, Puzzle Piece Theatre doesn’t plan on being run-of-the-mill.

CBS Detroit–07/20/2012

‘Facts Of Life: The Lost Episode’ At Ringwald Is Classic Burlesque

Playing a testosterone-charged Jo with five-o’clock-shadow and bare, unshaven legs, the character’s sexual ambiguity – on top of cross-dressing – is parody at its best.

CBS Detroit–07/20/2012

Jan Radcliff and John Peakes in "On Golden Pond" at The Purple Rose Theatre.  Photo: Sean Carter Photography

Summertime Blues? ‘Resort’ To ‘On Golden Pond’

If a healthy dose of life, love and nostalgia is your antidote to the long, hot summer, sit back with a simple dose of “On Golden Pond.”

CBS Detroit–07/04/2012


Review: Sex And Science Duke It Out ‘In the Next Room’

Crammed with ideas about the domination of women, never condescending to any of our foibles as humans, quirky and, finally, touching, this play in this production is a must see.

CBS Detroit–06/29/2012

Barton Bund and Jonathan West in the Blackbird Theatre's production of "Macbeth."  (Photo: Brian Carbine)

What’s Better Than One Macbeth? Two!

In this swift act, the players seem to come to life, or rather come to grips with death: It is as if death, murder, blood, battles were an aphrodisiac.

CBS Detroit–06/22/2012