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"The Book of Mormon" continues at Detroit's Fisher Theatre through March 24.  (Photo: Joan Marcus)

REVIEW: Irreverent ‘Book of Mormon’ Accomplishes Its Mission At The Fisher

All-in all, “The Book of Mormon” is blessed with a tight-knit, energetic and highly skilled cast – and when combined with the expert work of the musicians and behind-the-scenes technical craftspeople, the result is one heck of a fine and entertaining show.

CBS Detroit–03/15/2013

"White's Lies," will tickle your funny bone at Meadow Brook Theatre through Feb. 3  (Photo: Rick Smith)

‘White’s Lies’ Is Lying Sack Of Fun At Meadow Brook

Playwright Andron lays it on pretty thick in “White’s Lies,” which is something like a French romantic farce with 35 percent less door-slamming.

CBS Detroit–01/22/2013

Danielle Cochrane, David Sterritt, Vanessa Sawson, and Joe Plambeck in "Detroit."  (Photo: Hilberry Theatre)

‘Detroit’ Story Shines At The Hilberry Theatre

Importantly, it’s worth noting that good watching is not always easy watching: There is more strong language and vulgarity here than in your typical Hilberry production.

CBS Detroit–01/21/2013

Travis Reiff is Gabriel York in Andrew Bovell’s play When the Rain Stops Falling, playing at Ferndale's The Ringald Theatre from January 11 – 28, 2013. (Photo: by Joe Plambeck)

‘Rain Stops Falling’ At The Ringwald Theatre

It is a sad but satisfying portrait of four generations of dysfunctional family, underscored by the symbolic gloomy weather that each of them suffers under.

CBS Detroit–01/19/2013

What horrors await the children (l to r, Matthew Arrington, Suzan M. Jacokes, Julie Spittle, Vince Kelley) in the attic? Find out in the hilarious parody, "Flowers Up Her Attic" at Ferndale's Ringwald Theatre.  (Photo: Joe Plambeck)

Ringwald Parody: Low-Down, Dirty And Side-Splitting

At the Ringwald, sit back with the assurance that the artists think the source material is as tacky as you do.

CBS Detroit–10/20/2012

“Picking Palin” is Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company's season openers at The Abreact Performance Space on the fringe of Detroit's Corktown District.  (Photo: MGTC)

Review: ‘Picking Palin’ Poses A Political Puzzle

Those of us who are passionate about our politics, but don’t fit in the one-dimensional spectrum between “red” and “blue” don’t need superficial debates to appreciate playwright Stephen Padilla’s cautionary theme.

CBS Detroit–10/18/2012

Christopher Sieber and George Hamilton star in "La Cage aux Folles" at Detroit's Fisher Theatre.  (Photo: Paul Kolnik)

Sassy ‘La Cage’ Invites Detroiters To The Fisher Theatre

The word in question is “folle,” as in “La Cage aux Folles,” the award-winning musical beginning a run at the Fisher Theatre.

CBS Detroit–09/27/2012

"50 States of Grey" at Go Comedy! Improv Theater features, clockwise from top left, Dez Walker, Travis Pelto, Steve Forbes, Joe Hingelberg, Carrie Parmenter and Suzie Jacokes. (Photo: SMyers)

’50 States Of Grey’ Comedy In Ferndale

“50 States of Grey” is a swift poke in the ribs of the body politic.

CBS Detroit–09/24/2012

Lulu (Zee Bricker), Robbie (Robbie Dwight), Gary (Bailey Boudreau) and Mark (Matthew Turner Shelton) spend the day "Shopping & F***ing" at Ferndale's Ringwald Theatre. (Photo: Joe Plambeck.)

Principles Of Pleasure And Pain Play Out At The Ringwald

The well-designed program cover for the production issues this warning: “Contains nudity, violence, and adult situations.”

CBS Detroit–09/11/2012

Michigander Kylend Hetherington is one of the young stars in the role of Billy Elliot at Detroit's Fisher Theatre.  Photo: Kyle Froman

Tough Times Are The Right Time For ‘Billy Elliot’

In times like these, when so many are out of work, “Billy Elliot” hits some unfortunately all-too-familiar notes while also gently breaking your heart

CBS Detroit–09/07/2012