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Heatwave Washes Over Metro Detroit This Weekend, Reminds Us Of Anchor’s 2,960 Degree Forecast

“On Saturday, we’ll hit about 90,” Madaus predicted. “I call it hot, I don’t call it warm anymore.”

CBS Detroit–07/16/2015

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Severe Storms Could Strike Southeast Michigan Wednesday Night

The national weather service says the primary hazards are 1 inch hail and 60 mph winds.

CBS Detroit–06/10/2015

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Wild Michigan Weather On Tap This Week

What about all those memes on the Internet that tell you a foot of snow is coming this weekend?

CBS Detroit–03/23/2015

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The Worst Of Michigan Weather Is Over; Therapists Expect An Uptick In Moods

CBS 62 Meteorologist Jim Madaus said the warming trend should hold steady for the next month, with temperatures above the freezing mark for the foreseeable future. The worst lows should stay in the mid-to-upper 30s, he predicts.

CBS Detroit–03/09/2015

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Road Conditions Clear Up Quickly Tuesday After Snowy, Icy Morning

“If there’s snow and ice and a chance of it being slippery out, we’ll be out (in the evening), we don’t want to take any chances,” Bryson said.

CBS Detroit–03/03/2015

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Remember The ‘Polar Vortex?’ Apparently There’s A Summer Version Coming To Metro Detroit

Until then, enjoy the weekend — the weather promises to be pretty good.

CBS Detroit–07/11/2014

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Forecasters: The Coming Rain Could Stress Snow-Covered Roofs

Meade says rain will add to the weight of snow, prompting concerns about possible roof collapses.

CBS Detroit–02/18/2014

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Snow Slows Morning Commute, Causes 40-Vehicle Pileup

Another big snow event struck metro Detroit overnight Monday, slowing the morning commute and leaving local expressways a snowy, slushy mess.

CBS Detroit–02/18/2014

The bread rack was mostly bare, Saturday, at Heartland Marketplace in Westland. (credit: Lisa Thorn)

Snow Causes Street Mayhem, Grocery Stores Emptied, Battles Over Carts

Kroger in Birmingham had a few bags of lonely grapes left on a huge display that looked like it had been ransacked during an episode of “The Walking Dead.”

CBS Detroit–01/06/2014

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Winter Storm Watch Issued For Metro Detroit; Up To A Foot Expected

Up to an inch of snow an hour is expected on Sunday.

CBS Detroit–01/03/2014