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Education Today: Parents Stand Up As Champions For ChildrenSpecifically, some recommendations address the lack of parent and community voice at the table when it comes to making decisions about our children’s schools.
Education Today: A Crucial Relationship And How It Improves Academic OutcomesWe decided to adopt the Parent-Teacher Home Visit Model from Sacramento, California due to its evidence based results.
Project Graduation: Mentors Improve Performance, Graduation RatesProject Graduation helps to instill college-going expectations in students by offering student advising, parent coaching, targeted workshops and training, and opportunities for campus tours and college experiences.
Details On The Campaign for Black Male AchievementTogether we can all play a role in ensuring our children live in communities where all young people, regardless of the color of their skin, can walk or skip or jump down the street and not be at risk.
Education Today: Literacy For The Whole FamilyOne of the most powerful impacts an adult can make in a child’s life is in reading to them and in teaching them to read.
Education Today: Take A Break At The Family and Friends ReunionBring a friend or family member to join DPN and be entered into a back to school shopping spree raffle.
Education Today: Early Education For The Whole FamilyMany families don’t realize that they can choose educational options for their children that begin before they're even toddlers.
Healthy Food Is Important, And Summer's A Great Time To 'Think Fresh'Why not begin your quality time together by cooking together?
Education Today: Vacation Or Staycation?The awesome thing about living in Michigan is that the state becomes a vacation wonderland in the summer.
Education Today: Stay Motivated!My mother always got the most important things right: love, time, and attention. Let’s get that right for our kids.
Education Today: Staying Motivated As A Parent During The Summer MonthsHave a family vision and enlist each member to play a role in achieving your family’s goals.
State of Detroit Families: Detroit Parent Network Interviews Tonya AllenTonya is a visionary leader who has been a champion for children and families at Skillman and in earlier roles.