"The Book of Mormon" continues at Detroit's Fisher Theatre through March 24.  (Photo: Joan Marcus)

REVIEW: Irreverent ‘Book of Mormon’ Accomplishes Its Mission At The Fisher

All-in all, “The Book of Mormon” is blessed with a tight-knit, energetic and highly skilled cast – and when combined with the expert work of the musicians and behind-the-scenes technical craftspeople, the result is one heck of a fine and entertaining show.

CBS Detroit–03/15/2013


‘Nunsense’: Will It Bring Heavenly Bonanza Of Ticket Sales?

The premise – for the five or so of you who haven’t seen the show yet – is simple: A cooking accident by convent cook Sister Julia, Child of God, has wiped out 52 members of the Little Sisters of Hoboken.

CBS Detroit–05/26/2012

Jaclyn Strez, Patrick O'Connor Cronin, Robyn Mehwa, and Chris Korte in "M 5" at Planet Ant.  Photo: Sara Wolf Molnar

Hamtramck Theater Provides The Route To Comic Delight

Her actors are veterans all, but they still do a remarkable job in delineation of character. The use of body language is wonderful.

CBS Detroit–04/07/2012

Kirsten Knisely, Steve Xander Carson, Jonathan Davidson in "Burn the Red Banner: Or, Let the Rebels Have Their Fun" at The Abreact.  Photo: Angie Kane Ferrante

Rebellion Is Afoot At Abreact In Detroit

Long before we see them, we hear the surly cast and their cantankerous stage manager exchanging barbs in atrocious Russian accents more reminiscent of Boris Badenov than Boris Yeltsin.

CBS Detroit–02/10/2012


Have Yourself A Silly Little Christmas With ‘Christmas Caper’

“The Christmas Carol Caper” is a play within a play, a wickedly difficult form to pull off. It requires actors playing actors playing characters.

CBS Detroit–12/08/2011


‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ At Tipping Point

Writer and poet Oscar Wilde had an incomparable command of the English language and the wit to employ it to maximum advantage.

CBS Detroit–11/10/2011