Fall 2012 Tech Tour

Thomas Glasmacher, project manager of Michigan State University's Facility For Rare Isotope Beams, a half-billion-dollar atom smasher scheduled for completion in 2019, in front of a split-screen TV in his offices showing several live construction views. Matt Roush photo.

MSU: Spartans Shine To Wrap Up Tech Tour ’12

It’s a world-class research university, America’s pioneering land grant college, the first place on the planet to study agriculture scientifically, and just passed a little-known school called MIT for No. 1 in graduate studies of particle physics. So while it may be a rebuilding year at Spartan Stadium on Saturday afternoons, Michigan State University is and always will be a must-visit as long as there are Great Lakes Innovation and Techology Report Fall Tech Tours.

WWJ Newsradio 950–10/21/2012

Captain Dave Powell, dean of Western Michigan Univeristy's College of Aviation, and GLITR Editor Matt Roush check out the Sky Broncos' cool new aircraft.

Tech Tour Day Eight: Western’s Got Wings!

A new med school, a research park that’s full to the brim, new technology to machine very hard and brittle materials, a new method to guide fossil hunters, and major advances in aviation training and management. It’s all in southwest Michigan at Western Michigan University.

WWJ Newsradio 950–10/19/2012

Tetra 's Mark Gurney. (c)  Adam Bird Photographer. Used with permission.

Tech Tour Day Seven: Grand Tech At Grand Valley

And the 2012 Great Lakes Innovation and Technology Report Tech Tour winner for packing the most information into a 3 1/2-hour visit is..Well, the Tech Tour still has two more stops, but it’s going to be hard to beat what I saw at Grand Valley State University’s Grand Rapids campus Wednesday morning.

WWJ Newsradio 950–10/17/2012