Feds To Be Banned From Supplying Local Police With Military-Style Weapons, Other EquipmentSome Michigan police agencies were recipients of that equipment, which included armored vehicles, high-caliber firearms, and camouflage uniforms.
Fed Shutdown Would Mean $18 Million-A-Day Loss To MichiganAn estimated 40 percent of the state's budget comes from the federal government.
Local Government Officials Don't Trust State, FedsA new survey of Michigan's local government officials shows that trust in state and local government is strongly partisan.
Judge Approves Gov't Takeover Of Dearborn's Fidelity BankDearborn-based Fidelity Bank is closing, and will re-open Saturday as Huntington Bank.
Can You Pass This Fiscal IQ Quiz?The Comeback America Initiative has developed a "Fiscal IQ Quiz" which anyone can take to test their understanding of the federal government's serious financial condition and bleak fiscal outlook.
ForeSee Study Highlights Social Media Best Practices For The FedsThe public sector is learning to communicate with citizens in ways that are not usually associated with government services, according to an analysis of the state of social media in the federal government released Tuesday by Ann Arbor-based ForeSee.
Select Fire Departments Will Benefit From GrantsU.S. Sens. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, both D-Mich., announced more than $1.4 million in federal grants for nine fire departments in Michigan.
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