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Investor Group: 54.5 MPG Means 484,000 Jobs

Ceres, a Boston-based national coalition of investors and public-interest organizations, has released “More Jobs Per Gallon,” an economic analysis by the independent firm Management Information Services that shows that higher vehicle mileage requirements mean more jobs in automotive R&D

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President Set To Announce Deal To Boost Fuel Economy

President Barack Obama and top auto executives are set to unveil details of a compromise to slash the amount of gasoline cars and trucks will need down the road.

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President Ready To Announce Fuel Economy Compromise

The White House has set a Friday announcement on new fuel economy rules.

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Who Should Help Reduce U.S. Dependence On Oil?

About once a decade, there’s a big fight to force car companies to do more to reduce our dependence on oil. But what about all the other industries that use oil?

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White House Considers Big Boost To Fuel Economy

The Obama administration is telling American automakers that it would like cars and light trucks to average 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025.

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The Ford Focus Electric. (Ford Motor Co. photo.)

MPG Matters: 42 Percent Say Fuel Economy Key in New Vehicle Purchase Decision

More than 40 percent of car buyers now view fuel economy as “extremely important” when considering a new vehicle purchase today, a new study released by Ford Motor Co. finds.

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CAR Study Predicts Effects Of New MPG, Safety Mandates

The Center for Automotive Research has released its latest study focused on the impact of anticipated fuel economy and safety mandates on the U.S. automotive market and industry in 2025.

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Ford To Introduce 3-Cylinder Engine

Ford is bringing out one of the smallest engines to ever go into an American car, and it’s all in the name of fuel economy.

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10 Tips Could Save You $100 A Month At The Pump

OnStar data shows mileage of drivers in identical cars can vary by 75 percent. But, if you follow these 10 tips, you could save $100 a month at the pump.

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A worker assembles a  Ford Explorer at the Chicago Assembly Plant .  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Ford Vehicles Cheat the Wind, Helping Drivers to Beat the Pump

Ford Motor Co. says subtle improvements in aerodynamics in its product lineup helps maximize MPG