gas prices

Gas Prices Fall 10 Cents In Week; Headed Under $2 By Halloween"And it's only going to get better," says analyst Patrick DeHann.
Gas Priced At 99 Cents A Gallon Spotted In Ohio"Some people at the BP station have been waiting for as long as an hour Thursday morning," according to WKBN.
Metro Detroit Gas Prices Down To $2.64, Experts Predict Further Dip Below $2 A GallonThe price at the pump has fallen and we can expect to see a further reduction in gas prices.
AAA Michigan: Gas Prices Fall 16 Cents In Past Week To $2.84 Last Monday, Michigan ranked third in the nation, behind Indiana and Illinois, for largest weekly increases in gas prices and seventh for the most expensive average gas prices at about $3 a gallon.
Gas Prices Could Dip Below $2 Per Gallon By ThanksgivingThere is renewed optimism following repairs at a BP refinery in Indiana that led to last week's 80-cent per gallon spike in fuel prices in Michigan and throughout the Midwest.
Michigan Warns Gas Stations Against Gouging, Price-Fixing At The PumpAs Michigan drivers deal with a spike in gas prices, the state is warning gas stations against any attempt to take advantage of consumers by price gouging or price fixing.
Michigan Gas Prices Spike Overnight After Refinery Shutdown"The BP refinery is experiencing an unexpected shutdown and we don't know the extent of the damage."
Michigan Gas Prices Nearing $3 Per Gallon AverageAuthorities in Michigan have said that the average now is $2.90 per gallon -- about a 10-cent hike from Monday.
Prices At The Pump Jump Continue To ClimbAnother jump at the gas pump -- just in time for the long Memorial Day holiday.
AAA Michigan: Gas Prices Fall 10 Cents In Past Week To $2.31We're paying about $1.42 less for gas than we did a year ago.
Gas Prices Take Sudden Jump Over Past WeekAAA Michigan's weekly fuel gauge survey shows prices rose by 20 cents to a statewide average of 2.48 per gallon.
Analyst: Price Of Gas To Rise 15 Cents Over Next Week...Then HigherEveryone knew it probably couldn't last...and it didn't.