Hurricane Karl Nears Mexican Gulf Coast

Hurricane Karl smashed into Mexico’s Gulf Coast on Friday, creating havoc in the major port city of Veracruz and forcing the country to shut down its only nuclear power plant and its central Gulf Coast […]


Govt. Says Gulf Seafood Safe, Now Consumers Decide

More Gulf waters are reopening to fishermen, and government officials say seafood cleared for sale has been thoroughly vetted. Whether consumers are buying those assurances — and the fish — remains to be seen.


Shrimpers Cross Fingers Heading Into Gulf

Louisiana shrimpers have more than the usual worries as they hit the water today for the opening of shrimp season.


BP: Upcoming Kill May Work Without Relief Wells

After insisting for months that a pair of costly relief wells were the only surefire way to kill the oil leak at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, BP officials said Monday they may […]


Permanent Plug For Gulf Oil Well

The only thing keeping millions more gallons of oil out of the Gulf of Mexico right now is a rush job: an experimental cap that has held for more than two weeks but was never […]


Gulf Slick Dissipates, But Where's Oil Going?

In the nearly two weeks since a temporary cap stopped BP’s gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, not much oil has been showing up on the surface of the water. Scientists caution […]


Tow Boat Hits Well Near Gulf, Sends Oil Spewing

A tow boat slammed into an abandoned well north of a bay already hit by crude from the Gulf oil spill, sending a plume of oil and gas spewing into the air Tuesday.


American Takes Top Job At BP

British oil giant BP announced Tuesday morning that embattled CEO Tony Hayward would step down from his position on October 1, and his American deputy, Bob Dudley, would assume to top job.


Ships Ready To Leave Gulf As Storm Brews

Crew members aboard dozens of ships in the Gulf of Mexico prepared Thursday to evacuate as a tropical rainstorm brewing in the Caribbean brought the deep-sea effort to plug BP’s ruptured oil well to a […]


Oil Cap Tests Extended Amid Fear of Seepage

The federal government’s point man for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill authorized BP to keep the cap on its busted well for another 24 hours after the company pledged to closely monitor the seafloor […]