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Michigan Gun Group, Parent Sue Ann Arbor Schools Over Weapons-Free Policy

“We have those rights that were granted to us — that big, long word ‘inalienable’ comes up.”

WWJ Newsradio 950–04/28/2015

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Ann Arbor Officials Approve Ban On Guns, Weapons In Schools

The policy goes against state law, which says anyone who is licensed can legally openly carry a gun into a school.

WWJ Newsradio 950–04/16/2015

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Ann Arbor School Board To Consider Weapons-Free Policy

Michigan Open Carry’s vice president Tom Lambert said the school district’s plan to ban guns from school campuses is “lawless.”

WWJ Newsradio 950–03/19/2015

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Charges Filed Against 5th Grader Who Had Loaded Gun At School With ‘Hit List’

The boy is facing charges of carrying a weapon with unlawful intent, carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a firearm in a gun-free school zone.

WWJ Newsradio 950–09/20/2014

Lawmakers Approve Changes To Concealed Weapons Law

A State Senate committee has approved changes to the law that include allowing people to carry concealed weapons in churches, schools and sports arenas

WWJ Newsradio 950–03/22/2012


Lansing Library Temporarily Gun Free

Lansing’s Capital Area District Library will stay gun-free, at least for now.

WWJ Newsradio 950–03/09/2011

Guns Are Allowed In Libraries

There is a loop-hole in the Michigan concealed weapons law that makes it perfectly legal for a person to carry a weapon in a library.

WWJ Newsradio 950–03/03/2011