Gun Laws

Poll Finds Majority Of Michiganders Don't Want Guns In SchoolsMost people in Michigan don't think guns should be allowed in schools, whether the weapons are concealed or openly carried.
Michigan Senate Votes To End Sales Tax On Gun Safety DevicesSupporters say making safety devices more affordable could lead to fewer accidental shootings and gun thefts.
Snyder Signs Bills To Loosen Airsoft Gun RestrictionsGov. Rick Snyder has signed laws relaxing Michigan's restrictions on BB, pellet and paintball guns.
Michigan Lawmakers Move To Loosen BB, Air Gun RestrictionsThe bills are backed by the National Rifle Association.
Educators Reject Proposed Bill That Would Ban Open-Carry, Allow Concealed Guns In Michigan SchoolsThe education community is not enamored with a proposed "compromise" on guns in Michigan schools.
Michigan House Votes To Carve Air Guns Out Of Firearms LawsA package approved Thursday would carve out pellet and air guns from some Michigan firearms laws.
Michigan Senate Approves Gun Bill Without Protection Order ProvisionMichigan lawmakers are again trying to overhaul how concealed gun licenses are issued after Gov. Rick Snyder recently vetoed legislation.
Gov. Snyder Vetoes Gun Bill With Protection Order ChangeSnyder said the bills "may increase the risks faced by victims of domestic abuse."
Snyder Urged To Veto Gun Bill Regarded By Some Women As 'Formula For Disaster'Gun control and anti-domestic violence advocates are urging the governor to take action on new legislation.
Michigan Bills OK'd To Loosen Air, Pellet Gun RegulationsSome lawmakers are concerned about stripping away municipalities' control of the real-looking guns.
Michigan Counties Report Varied Gun Permit CostsAn analysis of county data shows estimated taxpayer costs are inconsistent across the state -- and critics think the drastic differences make no sense.
Should Public Libraries Be Designated Gun-Free Zones?After man openly carrying a gun in a Kalamazoo library caused a stir, the issue of guns on public property has once again been raised in Michigan.
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