Hockey Player Climbs Over Glass And Starts Melee With Fans [VIDEO]Mike Millbury and the 1979 Boston Bruins were honored during a New Brunswick Junior Hockey League game this weekend when a brawl broke out in the stands between a player and fans.
Red Wings Fan Dumps Beer On Lightning's Brian BoyleThe Wings got a much needed win to cut the the Tampa Bay Lightning's lead to 2-1 in the series, but an ill-behaved fan took his excitement a little too far.
Hockey Fight Ends With High Five [VIDEO] The one thing about Canadians that most people like is they are known to be friendly people. Who knew that even translated into hockey fights?
Hockey Referee Gets Knocked Out Breaking Up A FightThe sport I didn't really try playing while growing up was hockey.
Want To Watch A Hockey Player Pull Out His Own Teeth? [BLOG]During Wednesday night's Penguins-Bruins game, Penguins star Pascal Dupuis got hit in the face by a teammate's stick.
What's Better Then A Hockey Fight?
You Won't Convince Me That This Wasn't Planned
A Vancouver Canucks Fan Gets Into It With A Anaheim Ducks Fan

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