Automotive insight-A 10/25

A new “breakthrough technology” hybrid loses the MPG battle to its old-tech cousin.


Honda Subcompact Fit Hybrid Goes On Sale In Japan

Honda is expanding its green car lineup with its Japan launch of the hybrid version of the popular Fit subcompact.


Car Chronicles 08/27/10

Jeff Gilbert test drives the Honda CRZ hybrid sports car. “The first hybrid sports car falls short on sportiness.”      


Ann Arbor Adds Hydraulic Hybrid Recycling Trucks

That noisy trash truck that picks up your recycling just got lots greener — at least, if you live in Ann Arbor. The city Wednesday unveiled a new hydraulic hybrid recycling truck that will save […]


Quiet Hybrids: An End To Their Sounds Of Silence?

The age of the silent hybrid may be coming to an end.  Gas-electric hybrids, propelled by electric motors at low speeds, are well-known for their quiet ride and great mileage. But their silence isn’t always […]


Ray Scott of Lear Corp. Interview 06/15

WWJ Technology Editor Matt Roush speaks with Ray Scott, senior vice president at Lear Corp., about the Southfield auto supplier’s growth in electrical and hybrid vehicle systems. Lear established a Center of Excellence in the […]