Ihab Maslamani

Maslamani Trial Continues In Macomb

The trial for the man accused of kidnapping and murdering  Matt Landry, a 21- year-old Chesterfield Township man continues this afternoon, as the jury hears testimony from investigators.


2nd Day Of Testimony In Maslamani Trial

A man who was allegedly forced from his car at gun point testified Wednesday in the second day of the murder trial of Ihab Maslamani. 


Testimony Continues In Macomb County Murder Trial

A woman who had a gun pointed at her head during a bank robbery took the the witness stand, Tuesday,  in the trial of Ihab Maslamani.


Jury In Murder Trial Could Be Seated Today

Opening arguments in the Ihab Maslamani murder trial could be heard as early as today.


Some DNA Evidence Allowed In Landry Murder Trial

Some evidence will be allowed, and some won’t, when the trial of a man accused of murdering a Chesterfield Township man begins this week.