International Space Station

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti drinks espresso on the International Space Station. (Source: Lavazza)

Astronauts Enjoy ‘Out Of This World’ Cup Of Coffee

Crew aboard the International Space Station now have access to freshly brewed coffee from the ISSpresso machine.

CBS Detroit–05/04/2015

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly is seen inside a Soyuz simulator at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), Wednesday, Mar. 4, 2105 in Star City, Russia.
Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Out Of This World: Astronaut To Spend A Year In Space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will begin his journey to International Space Station – and a one-year mission in space – Friday.


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International Space Station To Fly Over Metro Detroit

The International Space Station will be visible over Metro Detroit in the coming days.

CBS Detroit–02/05/2015

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International Space Station To Fly Over Detroit On Christmas Eve

The International Space Station will fly over metro Detroit Wednesday evening, and will be visible if the clouds clear.

CBS Detroit–12/24/2014

Expedition 42 Commander Barry Wilmore took this photograph of the Great Lakes and central U.S. on Dec. 7, 2014, and posted it to social media.
This week on the station, the Expedition 42 crew has been busy with medical science and spacesuit work while preparing for the arrival of SpaceX's Dragon commercial cargo craft, scheduled to launch on Dec. 16 on a two day trip to the station before it is captured by the Canadarm2 and berthed to the Harmony node.
(Image Credit: NASA/Barry Wilmore)

Look Up! International Space Station To Fly Over Metro Detroit

The International Space Station will be visible Thursday evening over metro Detroit.

CBS Detroit–12/11/2014

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Detroit’s City Lights Seen From Space

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station snapped a nighttime photo Wednesday morning of the I-94 corridor from Detroit to Chicago and shared it on Twitter.

CBS Detroit–08/06/2014

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Mexico To Michigan In Seven Seconds

A NASA astronaut filmed a Vine video as the International Space Station traveled from Baja to Detroit.

CBS Detroit–07/31/2014

Technology developed for the Robonaut, which was developed by NASA and General Motors, may have uses here on Earth. (Photo courtesy of  NASA.)

GM’s Robonaut Technology Being Used On Earth

Technology developed by General Motors and NASA for a robot on the International Space Space Station may have uses on Earth.

CBS Detroit–07/03/2014

Astronaut Reid Wiseman, shown here before launch, recently posted a Vine video of one orbit around Earth. (Source: NASA.)

See The World In 6 Seconds [VIDEO]

Take a trip around the world in only 6 seconds with a NASA astronaut.


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Metro Detroit Sky Watchers Can Spot The Space Station This Weekend!

Star gazers may have a chance to see science in action this weekend as the orbit of the International Space Station brings it over the Detroit area.

CBS Detroit–06/06/2014