Historic Day for GM

General Motors says its common stock will sell for $33 per share when its initial public offering takes place Thursday. The IPO brings the U.S. government closer to getting back part of the $50 billion […]


GM Confirms Increase In Size Of Public Offering

General Motors is confirming reports that it will increase the number of common shares to be sold in its Initial Public Offering.


GM Raises Price Range For IPO

General Motors says it is raising the price range for its initial public offering of common stock to $32 to $33 per share. The new price range is about 14 percent higher than originally expected.


Are There Red Flags With GM's Initial Stock Offering?

General Motors executives are playing up bright spots in the company’s future as they try to persuade investors to buy stock: a better lineup of cars and trucks, potential for global growth and a new […]


Ford's Stock Strong and Getting Stronger

While GM has captured many of the headlines for it’s IPO, there’s also big news from Ford Motor Company. Ford’s stock is strong, and getting stronger.


GM IPO Expected To Raise Billions

General Motors’ initial public offering of stock later this month is expected to be enough to take government ownership below the 50 percent level.


5% Of GM Stock Set Aside For Employees In IPO

General Motors Co. wants to set aside five percent of the company’s common shares for its employees, car dealers and retirees to buy in an initial public stock sale expected next month.