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Samuelsen: Who Will Replace Martin Mayhew?The Lions have tried almost everything to turn this franchise into a winner. Nothing has worked.
Jamie And Wojo Lay The Foundation For A Lions Museum [AUDIO]To take a break from the pain and suffering, Wojo and I decided to start the first ever Lions Hall of Shame.
Tougher To Be A Lions Fan Or A Tigers Fan? Jeff Daniels Makes The Call [VIDEO]Kid Rock, Tim Allen and Eminem might get more attention when they support Michigan teams.
Samuelsen: 5 Lions Poised For Breakout SeasonsDefining potential breakout players is a difficult task. The term "breakout" implies that it's a player currently riding under the radar emerging seemingly from out of nowhere.
Who Replaces Mike Babcock Behind The Red Wings Bench?Speculating on the next Red Wings head coach is a little like speculating on the next Democratic nominee for president.
Terry Foster, Jamie Samuelsen Weigh In On Why Every Patriots Fan Should Be Mad At TMZ"They're going to pay, they're going to have people all over the place," he added. "If something is not right, TMZ is going to find it. They're just bulldogs and they've got the resources to do it."
Lions 2015 Schedule Released. A Game-By-Game LookWhat better time could there be to go game-by-game and see how the Lions are going to do in 2015?
Jamie Samuelsen Messes With Ryan Wooley During His Updates [VIDEO]During Thursday's updates, Jamie Samuelsen who was filling in for Terry Foster decided to have fun with Wooley.
Jamie Samuelsen's Bold Predictions For 2015: The Lions, Tigers, Harbaugh And MoreThe topics he tackled included ones that impact the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Lions and the University of Michigan.
Jamie Samuelsen: Suh Is The Most Valuable Player In DetroitAbout a year ago, I undertook one of the most foolish endeavors that I’ve ever undertaken in this space.
Samuelsen: The Case For Brad AusmusBrad Ausmus will not be the AL Manager of the Year.
Madden 15 Glitch Produces The Tiniest Player Of All-TimeSuch is the case today when someone discovered that the Madden 15 profile of linebacker Christian Kirksey had a few mistakes.
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