Gov. Snyder Won't Endorse Demand That Unions Pitch In For Detroit Pensions"We didn't have that on our list of conditions," the governor told reporters in Lansing Wednesday.
Mich. House Speaker: Unions Need To Pay Part Of Bankruptcy SettlementJase Bolger is saying that Detroit employee unions should contribute to the city's bankruptcy settlement plan if they expect $350 million from the Michigan Legislature to minimize pension cuts.
Bolger: Party Switch Itself 'Not A Mistake'A former Michigan lawmaker's switch to the Republican Party just before an election deadline was itself "not a mistake" but the plotting around it was, said state House Speaker Jase Bolger.
No Indictment After Michigan Party Switch ProbeA judge found no criminal wrongdoing after a yearlong investigation into a former state lawmaker's party switch that also involved the GOP leader of the Michigan House.
How To Fix Michigan's Roads? Discussion On MackinacState House Speaker Jase Bolger isn't ready endorse a higher sales tax as a solution.
L. Brooks Patterson Likens Mich. House Speaker To Adolf HitlerNot only did Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson refer to Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger as "Adolf," he pulled a comb out of his pocket and held it above his upper lip to resemble Hitler's trademark mustache.
Michigan House Leader Reinstates DemocratsA spat that led the Republican leader of the Michigan House to remove eight Democrats from committees has been resolved.
Michigan GOP Leader Kicks Democrats Off CommitteesThe top Republican in the Michigan House removed eight Democrats from committees Tuesday because they missed meetings last week amid heightened tension between Republican and Democratic leaders in the chamber.
House Speaker: No Mandatory Vaginal UltrasoundsA bill that would have required women to undergo vaginal ultrasound examinations before they get abortions won't continue through the House.
Will Controversy Be A Part Of State Lawmakers Return From Holiday?It's back to work Tuesday for state lawmakers following the holiday break.
House Speaker: Right-To-Work Legislation Not RushedHouse Speaker Jase refuting claims that controversial right-to-work legislation is being rushed through the Michigan legislature.
Investigation Of Last Minute Democrat-To-Republican Switch AbandonedA prosecutor says he ended an investigation into how a Democratic lawmaker made a last-minute switch to the Republican Party so the public would know what he'd found in time for the primary election.

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