Collins, Nets Dealing With Bright Spotlight Deron Williams took a moment to snap a few photos of Brooklyn teammate Jason Collins at their shootaround in Portland.
Nets' Collins Becomes NBA's 1st Openly Gay Player Jason Collins heard his name called by Nets coach Jason Kidd early in the second quarter and headed to the scorer's table to check in.
Young Gay Athletes Set Tone For NBA Coming Out You've probably never heard of Holly Peterson or Jonathan Jean-Pierre.
Young Gay Athletes Set Tone For NBA Coming OutSome are calling NBA player Jason a role model for this up-and-coming generation of gay and lesbian athletes. But in some ways, those young athletes and their supporters also have helped pave the way for pros like Collins.
Leach's Lists: Why Jason Collins Is A Hero The fact that it took this long for an active gay athlete playing in the four North American sports leagues to come out is maddening.
"Why Is It Even An Issue?" Asks Tigers' Phil Coke A momentous day in the world of professional sports as the first openly gay player comes forward.
Rick Mahorn On Gay Players: "There Will Always Be Detractors"Former Piston Bay Boy Rick Mahorn is among those applauding Jason Collins.
Jason Collins Comes Out Of The Closet, How You React Says A Lot About YouJason Collins is a Center for the Washington Wizards. He played at Stanford and made the cover of Sports Illustrated during his years there.

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