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Jon Ager and Karen Kron in "The Do Over" at Planet Ant Theatre.  (Photo: Kelly Komlen-Amadei.)

‘The Do Over’ In Hamtramck Gets It Right The First Time

“The Do Over” runs only about an hour, yet never seems rushed. The story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but just when you think it’s all wrapped up, along comes a sweet little coda.

CBS Detroit–06/06/2012

Joe Bailey stars as the Mother Superior in Charles Busch's hilarious send-up of Hollywood's classic nun films, "The Divine Sister," playing at Ferndale's Ringwald Theatre through June 4.  Photo: Colleen Scribner.

The Ringwald Brings Heavenly Comedy Down To Earth

There’s trouble lurking behind closed doors of the convent.

CBS Detroit–05/18/2012

"Avenue Q" continues at The Box Theater through May 19.  Photo: What's That Smell?

Heart’felt’ ‘Avenue Q’ Is Risque Fun, ‘Fur’ Sure!

“Avenue Q” is a counter-cultural poke at its inspiration’s incessant optimism. Regardless of the puppetry involved, this ain’t kid’s stuff. Both in song and story, the musical is profane, bawdy, and occasionally raunchy.

CBS Detroit–05/11/2012

Detroit theater

Detroit Theater Experience Takes On The Town

The out-of-theater experience includes the lot at Detroit Farm and Garden and the plaza of the Bagley Street Pedestrian Bridge, the weak bandage on that battle wound from technology run amok, I-75.

CBS Detroit–05/05/2012

"Blue Man Group" continues its run at Detroit's Fisher Theatre through May 13.  Photo: Ken Howard

‘Blue Man Group’ Invades Detroit

The humor is distinctively off-the-wall and runs the scale from sophisticated wit to gags that will thrill 14-year-old boys. It is accompanied by a surprisingly unified musical score.

CBS Detroit–05/02/2012

Shaylyn Kiely as Ilse and Peter Giessl as Moritz in The AKT Theatre Project's "Spring Awakening."  Photo: Angie Kane Ferrante

Hit Musical In Wyandotte Brings Love In Bloom, ‘Spring Awakening’

If “Spring Awakening” is a cautionary tale, reminding us that ignorance is dangerous, it also holds out hope that one can stand up to tragedy and emerge battered, but not beaten.

CBS Detroit–04/21/2012

Emily Behny as Belle and  Dane Agostinis as Beast in the Disney musical now at the Fisher Theatre.  Photo: Joan Marcus

Beauty And The Beast In Detroit Is ‘True As It Can Be’

The musical in not a rehash of the film. In concept and design it stands on its own. As for the plot, it is so much a part of the common culture, summary is unnecessary.



Wanna Be The Next Theater Sensation? Visit The Ringwald

The Ringwald Theatre in Ferndale is hosting an informational meeting for anyone who is interested in directing a short play as part of this year’s Gay Play Series.

CBS Detroit–04/11/2012

The world premiere of "White Buffalo" at The Purple Rose Theatre continues through June 2.  Photo: Sean Carter

A Stunning Exploration Of Primal Themes At Purple Rose Theatre

The characters Zolidis has created for “White Buffalo” are utterly compelling. None of them is based on stereotype.

CBS Detroit–04/11/2012

Charlotte Leisinger, Benjamin Williams and Lulu Dahl in "Dead and Buried" at the Detroit Repertory Theatre.  Photo: Bruce Millan

Review: ‘Dead and Buried’ But Not Forgotten

“Dead and Buried” is a quirky play, and not just because it’s set in a cemetery. Part comedy, part drama, part mystery, it features three fresh, engaging characters but a rather thin plot.

CBS 62–04/04/2012