Jury Duty In Macomb County? Court Offers To Pay For Transportation Via UberIn Macomb County, a jury summons now comes with a driver.
Macomb County Jurors To Be Paid In Cash DailyMacomb County residents serving jury duty will soon be paid in cash each day instead of waiting to receive a check.
Attorney Says Kilpatrick Mistress Got $140K Parting GiftKwame Kilpatrick's ex-Chief of Staff and former mistress Christine Beatty reportedly did not leave empty-handed when she resigned in 2008 amid the text-message scandal.
Security Heightened In Detroit For ‘Underwear Bomber’ Jury SelectionSecurity will be tight at federal court in Detroit Wednesday as the beginning stages of jury selection get underway in the trial of terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.
AWOL Jurors Could Face Jail TimeCircuit Court Judge Timothy Kenney says 260 jurors could face fines or jail time for refusing to carry out their civic duty.
Casey Anthony Juror Moves To MichiganOne of the jurors in the Casey Anthony case fears for her life so much--that she's moved to Michigan.
Teen Found Guilty In Officer's Shooting Death

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