Lawmakers OK Bills To Target Drugged DrivingThe Michigan Legislature has given final approval to bills designed to give police more tools to arrest drivers under the influence of drugs.
What Lawmakers Did, Didn't Do Before Summer BreakLate-night wrangling over hiking taxes to improve roads overshadowed Michigan lawmakers' final days in Lansing before they broke for much of the summer.
Business Lobbyist On Minimum Wage Petition: "We Don't Have Any Problem Derailing That Effort"The political battle over the effort to raise the minimum wage in Michigan continues between Lansing and proponents of a petition drive.
Lawmakers Pass Bills Deleting 'Retarded' From LawsLawmakers say the changes will help ensure people with disabilities are treated "for who they really are."
Group Seeks To Ban Abortion Coverage From Health PlansMichigan abortion foes have collected enough signatures to put a proposal before lawmakers to ban abortion coverage from health plans unless a separate policy is bought.
Mich. EM Foes Win Ruling In Lawsuit Over Old LawA federal court on Friday delivered a harsh review of Michigan's Republican-controlled Legislature.
Michigan Law Could Lead To Fewer Recall ElectionsMichigan consistently leads the country in the number of elected officials facing recall, but major changes to its recall rules could change that.
Mich. Legislature Finishes Approving $49B BudgetThe $48.7 billion state budget is notable not just for what's in it but also for what didn't make the cut -- Snyder's proposed $2.5 billion in new spending for road repairs and health insurance for low-income adults.

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