Detroit Lighting Agency Pays $540K In Severances To 5 Former ExecutivesThe city of Detroit's public lighting agency has paid $540,000 to five officials who have left their jobs since 2015.
Mich. Senate Approves Detroit Lighting Plan BillsLet there be light! The Michigan Senate approved legislation Tuesday that brings the creation of a public lighting authority for Detroit one step closer to reality.
Smart Building Exteriors For Reduced Energy Costs, Cleaner EnvironmentWithin the "envelopes" of commercial and residential buildings rests the promise of major, new energy efficiencies in the built-environment, according to University of Michigan researchers.
Grakon Opens Design Center in MichiganSeattle-based Grakon Tuesday announced the opening of an engineering and design center in Farmington Hills. The new office is intended to strongly support the strategic growth plans of the company. The staff located at the office will include engineers, designers and program managers.
Ford's Lighting Lab Replicates The Full Day To Test GlareFlip a switch in a Ford lab, and you've just turned on 6,000 watts of electrical energy generated by 270 spotlights and floodlights that can replicate sunlight at any season or time of day.
Ford's Bright Idea: Replacing 50,000 Lights For Cost Savings, CO2 ReductionsThe lights around Ford Motor Co.'s Dearborn campus are going to get more efficient, as a new lighting project kicks off that will bring an estimated energy reduction of more than 18.2 million kilowatt-hours -- enough to power 1,648 typical American homes for a year.
Teen Arrested In Car Bomb Plot
Lighting Cuts Energy Use For Macomb County
Downtown Detroit Power Outage In 2nd Day

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