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(credit: CBS 62)

Michigan Matters: Rob Bliss, Nell Merlino

This week on Michigan Matters, Host Carol Cain talks with Rob Bliss and Jeff Barrett of Status Creative, the creative minds behind the YouTube sensation “Grand Rapids Lip Dub.

CBS 62–08/22/2012

(credit: Paul Pytlowany / CBS 62)

Jim Madaus Participates In State-Wide Pure Michigan Music Video

Grand Rapids Lip Dub creators Jeff Barrett and Rob Bliss stopped by the CBS 62 studio in Southfield to get a segment of CBS 62’s Chief Meteorologist Jim Madaus singing for their newest viral video project.

CBS 62–08/22/2012

Jeff Barrett Carol Cain Rob Bliss

Rob Bliss’ ‘Pure Michigan’ Adventure: A ‘Michigan Matters’ Exclusive

Grand Rapids lip dub czar Rob Bliss and Jeff Barrett will take to the streets of Detroit and other towns to ask folks to sing “Good Time” by Carly Rae Jepsen for a YouTube video project promoting Michigan.

CBS 62–08/17/2012

Rob Bliss Grand Rapids Lip Dub

Lip Dub Czar Rob Bliss’ New Project: ‘Good Time’ For Michigan

Folks will be singing portions of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Good Time” at the Big House, Spartan Stadium, Comerica Park, various opera houses, theatres and other landmarks across the Mitten state.

CBS 62–08/15/2012

Richard Carson and Dr. Noreen Rossi

‘Michigan Matters’ Kidney Foundation & Grand Rapids Lip Dub

This week on Michigan Matters, Carol Cain learns about the epidemic of kidney disease from Richard Carson and Dr. Noreen Rossi. Then she speaks with Rob Bliss, the creator of the Grand Rapids Lip Dub and his response to Newsweek.

CBS 62–08/07/2011

Rob Bliss Grand Rapids Lip Dub

Grand Rapids Lip Dub Vs. Eminem For Hottest Video

It’s the hottest video to hit to YouTube in a while as Rob Bliss gives Eminem a run for the money of being hippest guy in Michigan.

CBS 62–06/05/2011