Mark Drum

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Big Brother Proposal: Season 16 Episode 33 Recap

We finally heard and saw the announcement of something that was a long time coming, Jeff Schroeder proposing to Jordan Lloyd. But that was only a mere part of last night’s episode.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 32 Recap: Another Double Eviction & Twist Revealed

Our Ubly, Michigander Nicole was sent packing yet again.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 31 Recap: Beast Mode Dud

Well Michiganders it’s not looking too good for our houseguest, Nicole. Being nominated against her frenemy in the house Christine it was clear she needed to win the POV.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 30 Recap: Boys Run This House

Well it’s pretty clear from Sunday’s episode of Big Brother that the boys are running the show and game.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 29 Recap: Donny’s Swan Song

Here’s my recap for Donny’s Swan Song.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 28 Recap: Cody’s Lackluster Reign

Last night’s episode seems to continue to solidify Donny’s fate in the Big Brother house this week.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 26 Recap: A Juror Returns

So the ALSA #icebucketchallenge has official arrived on Big Brother with host Julie Chen being challenge by her husband and CEO & President of CBS Leslie Moonves.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 25 Recap: A Nice ZingBot 3000!?!?

You know what’s worse than sending home a big target in the Big Brother House? Having them sent to jury, to then find out they’ve got another shot at competing almost making the week you’ve […]


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 24 Recap: Derrick’s Ulterior Motive

Derrick is continuing to rule this game and with his win as HOH with Frankie, the Detonators plus Caleb were in power. Meanwhile deciding who goes up with Derrick and Frankie’s Team America member Donny […]


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 23 Recap: One Alliance Dominates

The most twisted season’s twist ends next week and I could not be more excited for it to end!