This one is NOT the Titanic II, it's Inspiration Mars.

Matt’s Favorites: LTU Meeting NOW, 16 Months To Mars And Back With Your Spouse, Info On The Russian Meteor, Titanic II And Much More

Why of COURSE there’s still time to get your butt over to Lawrence Technological University for Thursday morning’s meeting on the whole “bring your own device” controversy when it comes to corporate networks. But hurry! Thing starts at 8. LTU is at 21000 W. 10 Mile Road in Southfield.

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Red Shirt

Matt’s Favorites: 2018 Trip To Mars, Ford C-Max Energi review, NBC Gets Infected, And On Star Trek, The Gold Shirts Are Deadly Too

And what’s the latest from the wide wild world of high technology? Here you go, campers…

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New Yahoo

Matt’s Favorites: Grosse Pointe Woman Younger On Facebook, New Yahoo, Chinese Cyberspies, Sony PlayStation 4, And The Latest From Space

And now, the latest in the ever-changing world of high tech, from all over the Series of Tubes… enjoy!

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Explore Mars

Matt’s Favorites: A Find On Mars, Internet TV, Nuts With Nukes, Of Mice And (As It Turns Out Frequently Very Different) Men

Hey, what news from the incredible world of high tech? Glad you asked — here’s what I found!

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Technology that will be utilized in NASA's mission to Mars. (File photo)

Matt’s Favorites: Come To LTU Thursday: Also, Winter On Mars, 787 Troubles, 4KTV

So what’s up in the wacky, wonderful world of high technology? Hang on to your hats…

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Matt’s Favorites: Come To LTU Jan. 31; Mars Science, Bad Matches, And Nukes

But of course I still think you should join us Jan. 31 at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield as we resume our monthly series of tech events, Last Thursdays Unwired @ LTU.

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CES Web Site

Matt’s Favorites: CES And More!

Well, welcome to Day Three of your redesigned GLITR. Hope you’re enjoying it.

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Mohammed Mokhberi (left) and Javad Mokhbery show a sensor similar to the one that monitors the drilling force in the sample-gathering robotic arm of the Mars rover Curiosity. Lawrence Tech photo.

Lawrence Tech Alumni Play Role In Mars Curiosity Rover

When Curiosity, the latest NASA Mars rover, takes core samples during its historic mission this fall, its robotic arm will rely on two sensors developed by two graduates of Lawrence Technological University.

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David Pawlowski takes a look at Mars. EMU photo.

EMU Researcher Wins NASA Award To Study Martian Upper Atmosphere

While NASA’s new Curiosity rover will spend at least two years on Mars, searching for clues that the planet may have been suitable for microbes, scientists like David Pawlowski of Eastern Michigan University are honing their research to unlock some of Mars’ other mysteries.

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NASA photo

Bearings From Muskegon At Work On Mars — For The Third Time

The Curiosity rover that landed on Mars Aug. 6 features the largest, most advanced scientific payload of any Mars mission yet — and, as usual, Reali-Slim thin section bearings from Kaydon Bearings Division in Muskegon.

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