Peterson Exiled Because of Money, Not Morality [BLOG]Fans look at sports as a place to learn the value of competition and character.
Valenti & Foster 97.1 The Ticket Fantasy League Preview- Week 2 Both sides of the Jamie and Wojo show lost last week -- but while Wojo’s Fake Aunt was beaten by the individual efforts of Megatron’s fantastic Monday night, The Bleach Boys just got slaughtered.
An Open Letter to Fans of the University of Michigan [BLOG]I'm done buying the narrative. Stop trying to sell me the legacy jerseys and special numbers.
Four Years Later, James Made Same Decision [BLOG]In the same way “The Decision” was universally regarded as self-serving and grandstanding, “The Letter” has been received positively and a sign of LeBron’s maturity. That’s not the case.
Adam Silver Should Have Sent A Message With Donald Sterling [BLOG]I'm not mad at the players of the Clippers, who didn't boycott the game Sunday -- instead participating in a silent protest.
Michigan, Michigan State NCAA Final Was So Close [BLOG]Now that the national champion has been crowned, let's all take a collective sigh of relief.
Announcing Homosexuality Put Michael Sam On The Map [BLOG]If Sam was a first round talent, somehow swapped games and body with Jadeveon Clowney, I believe this would be a non-issue. Talent almost always trumps other factors in the NFL.
Richard Sherman Proved Why He Is The Best CB [BLOG]All season, Richard Sherman was the guy the NFL was scared to throw at.
Caldwell Was The Best Choice For The Lions [BLOG]After the Chargers lost to the Broncos over the weekend, it was a waiting game until Ken Whisenhunt was named as the Lions’ 26th head coach.
What The Lions Need To Do To Keep Winning And Make The Playoffs [BLOG]When the clock hit triple zeros of the Lions’ first win on Thanksgiving in 9 years, Detroit completed 3/4ths of their season.
Should Riley Cooper Be Suspended??The United States is a country built upon several core values which make us different than most other countries.

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