Michigan Democrats

Lon Johnson, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, with Carol Cain, senior producer/host  of CBS 62's "Michigan Matters," at the Michigan Chronicle's "Pancakes and Politics" forum sponsored by the paper.
Johnson asked Gov. Rick Synder, who appeared the second "Pancakes and Politics" forum, about the $41 million furniture contract facilitated by Snyder's cousin. See that question and more during a special "Michigan Matters" airing 11:30 am Sunday on CBS 62.
(credit: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)

Michigan Democrats Elect Johnson To Another 2-Year Term

Party spokesman Joshua Pugh says the vote at the state Democrats’ convention Saturday in Detroit was unanimous.

CBS Detroit–02/14/2015

(credit: Marisa Fusinski/WWJ)

State Democrats Respond To ‘Right-To-Work’ Protest Arrests

The Michigan Democratic Party called Thursday “a sad day in Michigan history” after State Police used pepper spray to subdue right-to work-protesters trying to rush the state Senate.

WWJ Newsradio 950–12/06/2012


Schostak-Brewer Rumble Over White House

Carol Cain, Mark Brewer, Bankole Thompson, and Bobby Schostak analyze the upcoming election on this week’s edition of Michigan Matters.

CBS 62–11/02/2012

(Photo: CBS62's Greg Shattuck) The Michigan primary comes into focus with (from left) strategist Mark Brewer, Stu Sandler, "Michigan Matters" host Carol Cain, and Bill Johnson.

A ‘Michigan Matters’ Look At The Primary: McCotters’ Imprint

“The Congressman McCotter story get stranger and stranger,” said Johnson. “I have had great respect for him, but he just crashed and burned. No one has explained what happened.”

CBS 62–08/03/2012

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer

Charlie Langton: What’s The Latest Reason Democrats Are Ticked Off At Republicans?

So should Democrats vote in the Republican primary to try to screw it up by voting for an unpopular candidate? Brewer says no.

CBS Sports Radio 1270–02/14/2012

Michigan Lawmakers Work On Free College Tuition Plan

It’s an idea that probably sounds good to a lot of Michigan families: Free college tuition. Some Democratic lawmakers are working on a proposal that would do just that.

WWJ Newsradio 950–01/12/2012