Mike Valenti: Pistons Trade For Griffin 'Borders On Irresponsible'"He's not the same player he once was," Valenti said. "Physically, you just don't match up anymore." 
Van Gundy: Drummond Didn't Regress In 2016-17A quick glance at Andre Drummond's stats suggests he took a significant step back in his fifth NBA season.
Stan Van Gundy And Mike Valenti Go Head To Head [VIDEO]The Pistons' approach is built on the savvy move instead of the splashy one.
Mike Valenti: 'Death, Taxes And Caldwell Sucks On Gameday' [VIDEO]"The non negotiable with Jim Caldwell is he is the single worst game manager coach I have ever laid eyes upon at the National Football League level. From clock management, to the manipulation and understanding of the rules to basic strategical calling, Jim Caldwell is atrocious."
John L. Smith Reacts To Valenti Rant For 1st Time; Says May Have Contributed To FiringYes, he knows the f'ing rules.
Mike Valenti Rant: Ugly Truths Behind The Scenes [VIDEO]Lives were ruined, teddy bears went missing, and Jamie Samuelsen still can't figure out how choking on applesauce is a thing.
Terry Foster Was Scared For Mike Valenti During 'The Rant'; Other 97.1 Hosts Weigh In"I could tell he was hurting himself."
Mike Valenti’s ‘Make Plays’ Rant: Top 11 One-LinersThe best one-liners, wisecracks and jabs from Mike Valenti's epic 2006 MSU vs Notre Dame rant.
Game Day Uncensored On 97.1 The Ticket Brings Real Lions Football TalkIt's Lions talk the way you want it to be -- uncensored, real and raw.
Terry Foster Puts Mike Valenti On TrialMike Valenti is one of the most talented sports talk host in Detroit history, but he comes with a tinge of Detroit hater-aide.
Jamie Samuelsen: Does Mike Valenti Actually Like Sports?So I took it upon myself to determine once and for all whether or not Mike actually likes sports.
Do You Have A Problem With Mike Valenti? Now Is Your Chance To 'Get At Mike'Have you ever had a problem with Valenti and Foster host Mike Valenti?

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