Mike Valenti

Mike Valenti Says Allegations About Lions 'Absolutely True'"This is a petty, juvenile, nasty organization," he added.
Mike Valenti's Life Is Changed After Watching 'The New Dance Show' [VIDEO]Don't miss this YouTube gem that brings Valenti a new "level of joy."
Mike Valenti's 'State Of The State' Before MSU, U-M GameA small part of me, for the fist time in the Dantonio era, thinks we could see a beat down.
Valenti & Foster Ask: Could You Go Lions Free?Valenti added that metro Detroiters are lucky because even if they're so fed up with the NFL, we have a choice that many don't -- because we have Michigan State and U-M football to fill in the gap.
9 Years Later: Mike Valenti's Famous Michigan State-Notre Dame Rant [AUDIO]Septermber 25, 2006 has forever change Mike Valenti's image in Detroit as well as the nation.
Valenti And Foster Weigh In: What's Next For U-M After Brady Hoke's Firing?Valenti added Hoke was running a "cheap, welfare version of the Rich Rod" game.
Rice Says Of Harbaugh 'He's Gone'; What Does That Mean For Michigan?So if this is, in fact, Harbaugh's final season in San Francisco, does that make Michigan more attractive as a soft place to land?
Mike Valenti On MI After Dave Brandon: Jim Harbaugh Is The Only Unifying ChoiceFoster said: "I know Michigan wants Jim Harbaugh ... but Jim Harbaugh doesn't need Michigan ... He's not begging for this job."
Mike Valenti Says U-M Absolutely Has To Remove Dave Brandon; Witness Says Trainers Were Screaming After Shane Morris Injury"Hoke's a dead man walking," Valenti said.
Here's The Easiest 'Who Would You Start In Fantasy Football' Question In History -- Right? [PHOTO]Freese was cut from the Lions on Monday -- and Tuesday the question was still being asked?
Goodell Speaks, Apologizing For Handling Of Ray Rice And Saying The NFL Will Do Better"My expectation, gun to my head ..." was that Goodell would be arrogant and secretive, Valenti said, adding "This is the darkest two weeks in league history."
Valenti & Foster 97.1 The Ticket Fantasy League Preview- Week 2 Both sides of the Jamie and Wojo show lost last week -- but while Wojo’s Fake Aunt was beaten by the individual efforts of Megatron’s fantastic Monday night, The Bleach Boys just got slaughtered.
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