The Gay Stamp Sands along the shores of Lake Superior. Ramakrishna Wusirika photo.

Michigan Tech Prof’s Plants, Bacteria May Give UP’s Gay Stamp Sands New Life

The tiny town of Gay on northern Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is famous for more than its eponymous Gay Bar — there’s also a wasteland of copper mining pollution. Now, a professor at Michigan Technological University is studying using plants and bacteria to bring new life to the Gay Stamp Sands.

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Highly aligned nano-fibers created by fibroblasts form a biological scaffold which could prove an ideal foundation for engineered tissues. Stem cells placed on the scaffold thrived, and it had the added advantage of provoking a very low immune response. Michigan Tech photo.

Michigan Tech Advance In Tissue Scaffolds Could Lead To Stem Cell Treatments

An advance at Michigan Technological University in a scaffold used to grow cells could lead to better cures for injuries from burns to worn-out knees.

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Members of Shiyue Fang's research team in his lab at Michigan Tech, where they developed a better process to purify peptides and other biomolecules. Michigan Technological University photo.

Michigan Tech Prof’s Advance May Lead To Cheaper Peptide Drugs

A Michigan Technological University professor has come up with a new way to purify peptides that may cut the cost of very expensive classes of drugs — and improve DNA analysis as well.

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Where Do Snowflakes Get Their Start? Michigan Tech Has Some Answers

Snowflakes need a tiny speck of dust to form. But how does that happen in the pristine air of the Arctic? Researchers at Michigan Technological University in the snowy Upper Peninsula may have the answer.

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#1: The DeLorean from "Back to the Future"

Michigan Tech Prof Comes Up Empty In Web Search For Time Travelers

If time travelers exist, they’re covering their tracks pretty well. At least, that’s the word from a study set up by a physics professor at Michigan Technological University searching for prescient Web content on social media Web sites.

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Art by Todd Johnson

Electrical Engineer Turns Particle Physics into Art

Todd Johnson, a Michigan Tech graduate and special projects specialist at Fermilab in Batavia, Ill., is one of several scientists turning the patterns of data created by high-energy particle accelerator collisions into art.

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Michigan Tech students gather around the Guinness World Record snowball they created last spring. MTU photo.

Guinness Makes It Official: Biggest Snowball Honor Returns to Michigan Tech

In 2006, Michigan Technological University was basking in Guinness glory, having nabbed three wintry world records. But records are made to be broken, and one by one, each toppled in the intervening years, and those radiant moments of victory faded into memory.

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Michigan Technological University students on its Houghton campus. MTU photo.

Michgan Tech Female, Graduate Enrollment Rises

Michigan Technological University last week reported its largest freshman class since 2008, the fifth straight year of graduate student enrollment, record minority enrollment and its second-highest-ever female enrollment.

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An aerial view of the Michigan Technological University campus in Houghton. (Michigan Tech photo.)

Michigan Tech Project Seeks To Build More UP Businesses

Michigan Technological University is participating in the state’s University Center for Regional Economic Innovation, with a project designed to inform entrepreneurs of opportunities in the Upper Peninsula while identifying gaps in resources and possible ways to bridge those gaps.

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Client Wins From February 14

New business won by Michigan’s technology-focused companies

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