Sides In NHL Labor Fight Meet With Mediator The NHL and the union got back to work Friday, just not with each other yet.
NHL Lockout: Mediators To Rejoin CBA Talks On WednesdayWhen the NHL and the NHLPA get back together Wednesday at an undisclosed location to resume talks after nearly a week off, they will once again be joined by mediators.
NHL Labor Talks To Resume For 1st Time In 8 Days For the first time in eight days, the NHL and the players' association are heading back to the bargaining table to try again to reach a deal that will end the two-month old lockout.
End In Sight? NHL, Players Bargain Deep Into Night The NHL and the players' association did all their talking at the bargaining table, far away from the public eye.
NHL, Union To Return To Bargaining Table Tuesday The NHL and the players' association stuck to their word and made quick plans to get back to the bargaining table.

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