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Easy Steps To Prep Your Home For Holiday Guests

If you plan on hosting overnight guests, you are going to need to prep your home for their arrival.


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College Student Prep: Must-Have Items For Every Dorm Room

The bags are packed and the move-in date is coming up fast. Now all that’s left before moving into the dorms and starting a new life at college is dorm-room shopping. Here are some essential items to put on that shopping list.


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Garage To Man Cave Transformations Made Easy in Detroit

For the ultimate relaxation spot, create a space in the garage, the grownup equivalent of a tree house.


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Clean Up Your Spring Cleaning Plan In Detroit

Follow these spring cleaning tips and professional options to help meet your spring cleaning goals.


Fundraiser Targets Music Education

It’s a battle of the bands to kick off a fundraiser for music education in the Detroit Public School District.


Free Driver's Training Program

A national teen driver’s education program is taking place at Oakland Mall this weekend and it is free.