Detroit-Area Theater Chain To Play New 'Star Wars' Film For 30 Hours Straight"...For the ‘Cause of the Force’ they wanted to do this.”
Phoenix Theatres To Bring Plays, Operas, Ballets, Concerts To Movie AuditoriumsWith new digital sound and HD picture capacity, Phoenix Theatres in Livonia and Monroe are now able to use satellite technology to offer professional stage plays, operas, ballets, concerts and other cultural performances from multiple countries to local patrons at a low general admission price of just $15, or $10 for children and students.
Phoenix Theatres Converts to 100% Digital ProjectionAhead of schedule for the holiday movie rush, Phoenix Theatres at Laurel Park Place in Livonia and The Mall of Monroe have put the finishing touches on new digital projection and sound technology for the company's combined 18 screens.
Phoenix Theatres Installs First Customized Gift Card Kiosk

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