The detailed, all-sky picture of the infant universe created from microwave sky measurements. The image reveals 13.77 billion year old temperature fluctuations (shown as color differences) that correspond to the seeds that grew to become the galaxies. Photo from NASA via Wikimedia Commons.

UM Physicist On Her Big Bang Model’s Validation: ‘Woo hoo!’

It’s not every day you get a “woo hoo!” out of a physicist. But that’s just what happened earlier this week, when a University of Michigan physicist’s 25-year-old theory turned out to be one of the few models that explain the formation of the universe based on new information about rapid expansion of the universe just after the Big Bang.

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This Wayne State University graphics shows a quark decaying into a particle and an antiparticle.

Wayne State Physicists Find Tiny Quarks Are Charming Socialites

Protons and neutrons, the particles in an atomic nucleus, are made of smaller pieces called quarks. And some types of quarks can form particles that exhibit surprising behaviors — and a new surprise has been found by researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit.

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Demonstrating Physics and a Passion for Teaching

Bryan H. Suits, professor of physics at Tech, has found a more familiar way to explain physics concepts to undergraduates who may have little background in the subject and even less interest. He’s teaching “The Physics Behind Music.”

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Awards And Certifications From April 18

The latest awards and industry certifications earned by Michigan’s technology-focused companies, institutions and groups.

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Awards And Certifications From December 14-16

The latest industry awards and certifications earned by Michigan’s technology-focused companies, institutions and groups

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PAL Studio Kettering U

Renovated Labs, ‘Internal Cloud’ Boost Physics Teaching At Kettering

Traditional teaching is a little like watching a movie — those in the classroom sit passively in rows. Bahram Roughani, professor and head of the physics department at Kettering Univeristy, wants to make it more like a card game, with everyone sitting in a circle and everyone participating.

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Michigan State Proceeds With Nuclear Research Plan

Michigan State University decided Friday to proceed with preparations for a nuclear research facility despite questions about how the federal budget squeeze might affect the project’s future.

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A team of physicists including a researcher from the University of Michigan observed what's called the dynamical Casimir effect for the first time earlier this year. They essentially squeezed light particles from the vacuum of space. Image courtesy of Philip Krantz, UM

Physicists’ ‘Light From Darkness’ Named A Top 2011 Discovery

They shook light from darkness. They coaxed something out of what we normally think of as nothing — the vacuum of space. And now their work has been named one of the top 10 breakthroughs of the year by Physics World, the international magazine announced today.

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Photo courtesy Michigan Technological University

Michigan Tech Board of Control Approves New Degree Programs

Michigan Technological University’s Board of control approved two new bachelor’s degree programs, two mew master’s degree programs and a new Ph.D. program at a regular meeting Friday.

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Artist's rendering of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (credit:

MSU Steps Up $615M Physics Project Pace

Michigan State University is picking up the pace on plans for hosting a $615 million nuclear research facility.

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