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Some Concerned About Car Computers’ Effect On Privacy

Connecting to the web on the road is a convenience that could be harming us. What is saved and shared has people concerned.


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New Car Technology Leads To Concerns About Invasion Of Privacy

From TVs to automobiles, buying new often means getting the latest technology, from touch screens to wi-fi capability. But is there a price for this accessibility?


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Matt’s Favorites: Shopping Apps, Cyber Monday’s Best Deals, ISON Probably Gone, And Much More

So what’s the latest on the first work day of December after the long, late Thanksgiving weekend? Well, check out these gems…

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Computer security concept

Matt’s Favorites: Your Privacy Is An Illusion, And Much More

So what are the latest and greatest and wildest and weirdest stories from the world of science and technology? Well, let’s talk it over.

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People walk past a sign welcoming Facebook at the NASDAQ stock exchange on Times Square in New York, on May 18, 2012.  (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/GettyImages)

Matt’s Favorites: Nasdaq Glitchy, Spacewalk Successful, And More

So what’s the latest and greatest in the ever more wonderful, wild and weird world of science and technology? Well, here ya go, my friends, to get you all ready for the weekend…

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Behold, a rocket that can fly sideways for a while on takeoff. SpaceX photo.

Matt’s Favorites: Cool Curved TV, Hiccup, And More

What’s the hottest and happeninest (?) when it comes to the ever expanding domain of science and technology? Glad you asked, it keeps me in high-speed Internet service… * You may not need it, but, according to Brian […]

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Event Notices From April 11

The latest technology-related events and meetings from Michigan’s technology-focused companies, institutions and groups

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State Bill Aims To Protect Facebook Privacy

A bill making its way through the Michigan legislator would keep employers or schools from requiring you to reveal the password to your Facebook account.

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Michigan Bill Aims To Protect Facebook Privacy

Michigan lawmakers are trying to make it illegal for employers to request social networking passwords.

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Mobile Monday Lansing Chapter Kicks Off

“Mobile marketing; what you need to know about privacy” is the topic for the Feb. 27 kick-off event of the recently announced Lansing chapter of Mobile Monday Michigan.

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