rape kits

State Police Have Now Tested 10,000 Detroit Rape KitsThe Detroit kits that have been tested show DNA connections to other cases or individuals in 35 states and Washington D.C.
Gov. Snyder To Update Status Of Detroit Rape Kit TestingMore than 2,000 DNA matches have been made, including 456 suspected serial rapists.
Efforts Boosted To Bring Charges Linked To Detroit Rape Kits"Our duty is to get rapists off our streets and deliver the justice victims are owed."
Report: Detroit's Success In Clearing Rape-Kit Backlog Could Become A National ModelAround 8,700 untested rape kits were found in Detroit in 2009, including some dating back to the 1980s.
Report: Detroit Model In Effort To Clear Rape Kit BacklogChronic understaffing and police attitudes toward victims contributed to thousands of rape kits going untested for years in Detroit ...
Police Get Help From TV Show To Test Unprocessed Rape KitsUnprocessed sexual assault kits discovered in a Flint police department evidence room are being examined with help from a TV show, police said.
Coalition To Pursue Funding For Detroit Rape Kit Testing"This is about all violent crime in southeastern Michigan," says Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.
New Laws Cover Traffic Fees, Meth, Rape EvidenceA new year means new laws.
NY Prosecutor To Fund Rape Kit Testing Nationally; Includes DetroitWayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy was at the announcement in New York and said she has been working tirelessly to find money to help with the backlog.
Gov. Snyder Signs New Bill On Rape-Evidence Kits Tests“Too many victims have been waiting too long for justice they deserve," the governor said.
Gov. Snyder OKs Rules For Testing Rape-Evidence KitsThe law is a result of the 2009 discovery of more than 11,000 untested sexual assault kits recovered from a Detroit police storage facility.
Rape Kit Testing Rules Move Forward In Mich. LegislatureWhen 11,000 untested rape kits were discovered in Detroit in 2009, Michigan officials faced two major questions going forward...