Rats, Octopi And Sharks! NHL Needs Pest Control For PlayoffsRats! And Octopi. Even a lifeless shark.
Rats! Panthers Get Penalized Twice After Toy Rats Hit Ice [VIDEO]"I don't really agree with the penalties," Jagr said after Florida moved back into first place and on the brink of clinching just the franchise's second playoff spot in the last 15 seasons.
Frustrated Neighbors Seek Solution To 'Rat Epidemic' In Highland Park"I've come around the corner at night over on Oakland and there were literally rats doing a hat dance around a garbage can lid..."
1,000 Rats Still A Problem At Condemned Animal Rescue OperationThe Muskegon Chronicle reports nearly 1,500 rats have been removed, but they continue to breed.
Fenton To Rats: Get Out Of TownThe city of Fenton agreed last week to hire an exterminator, who set up 40 traps in the area of Hickory and Beach streets.
I-96 Construction Stirs Up Rat Problem In LivoniaThe I-96 construction project has triggered another problem in Livonia -- rats.
Downriver Residents Blame Rat Infestation On Fort Street Road WorkSome Downriver residents are concerned that an ongoing construction project might have unknowingly unleashed a horde of rats near their homes.
Mayor: No $5 Rat Bounty In St. Clair ShoresThe mayor of St. Clair Shores says officials won't offer a $5 bounty for every rat caught in the city as part of a broader rodent-control effort.
Michigan Humane Society Hosts Rat Adoption EventWhen thinking about adding a pet to the family, a rat isn't usually the first animal that most would think of. But, the Michigan Humane Society said rats are intelligent, social creatures that can make superb family pets.
Burned Neighborhood Battles Rats

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