Registered Nurse

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Nurse Advocates Working With Others To Find Work, Establish Career

Kelli Hansen struggled immediately after college to gain work experience. Perseverance paid off.


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Registered Nurse Returns To College To Earn Degree & Jumpstart Career In Detroit

Janet Patterson returned to school during a nursing shortage to supplement her education and propel her career.


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Detroit Area Nurse Advocates Advanced Degrees To Boost Careers

Julia Barhoumeh believes advanced education helps prospective candidates stand out.


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The Very Best of Everything in 2012

As the end of year nears it is time to take a moment to look back to see what made the top of the best of lists for 2012. Other than the presidential election there have been many other battles this year to score a number one spot in the United States. Companies, writers, public relation experts and cities have all been vying for the golden top spot.