Wayne County Ends Practice Of 13th Check For RetireesThe move aims to reduce the county's underfunded pension liability.
Wayne County Reaches Deal To Cut Retiree Health Care CostsWayne County and about 5,000 retirees have agreed to a deal that will cut their health care benefits and save the county about $20 million each year.
Retirees Split On How Detroit Bankruptcy Deal Affects FuturePart of the plan is to cut the pensions of general retirees by 4.5 percent, while some retirees say that they are worried that the city could fall into debt and file for bankruptcy again.
Detroit Retirees Sound Off To State Committee On City's Grand BargainMembers of the public testify at a committee hearing in Lansing over Detroit's "Grand Bargain" and the state's possible $195-million contribution to the city's bankruptcy plan.
Detroit Emergency Manager Freezing PensionsDetroit is steering thousands of city workers into 401(k)-style retirement accounts and freezing their accrued pension benefits.
Stakes Now Even Higher For Detroit Retirees "Do I need to sell my house? Can I afford to live in a nursing home?"
Unions React To Detroit Bankruptcy Ruling: "This Is A Very Scary Day"AFSCME attorney Sharon Levine says a notice of appeal has already been filed in the case.
Union, Retirees Argue Against Detroit BankruptcyLawyers for city unions and retirees are presenting reasons why Detroit's historic bankruptcy request should be denied.
Union Attorney: Pensions In Jeopardy After Detroit Bankruptcy Filing"I think it's despicable... and I think every Detroit resident will also find that this action is despicable," said Richard Mack, Jr., an attorney for AFSCME Council 25.
Pontiac Retirees Could Lose Benefits Under Deficit Elimination PlanRoughly 1,200 city of Pontiac retirees are at risk of losing their healthcare benefits -- as a funding tug-of-war continues.
Study: Cities Have $12.7B In Retiree Health CostsMichigan cities and townships that provide health care for retired public workers face nearly $13 billion in unfunded costs, with half setting aside no money to cope with a bill gobbling up more of their budgets.
Opinion: Ryan VP Pick Changes Electoral MathPaul Ryan has changed the Electoral College math. With the pick, Romney has chosen a path that writes off almost all of the country and focuses the election on the industrial Midwest.

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