Scene in Detroit

The options of The GLC Co. appeal to everyone from business men and hipsters alike. (credit: Amelia Kanan)

Scene In Detroit: The Great Lakes Coffee Company, Appealing To All

Remember my ‘mourning coffee’ piece? Of course you do. Well, sympathize no more, for my days of grief are over thanks to The Great Lakes Coffee Company.


(Photo: Amelia Kanan) Chef Jake Williams demonstrates how some techniques aren't just cool to do but are important for sanitation in the kitchen.

Scene In Detroit: Cooking Really Does Matter

“We’re trying to debunk the myth that eating is expensive,” Sarah Mills, a manager of Cooking Matters in Detroit explained.

CBS Detroit–07/18/2012

(Photo: Amelia Kanan) Olive, reminding me of my end of the bargain as her sister Ingrid watches from behind.

Scene In Detroit: Kids’ Perspective On Big City Life

I wanted to get this highly underrated perspective on what it’s like to spend time in the city and knew exactly who I needed to talk to.

CBS Detroit–07/11/2012

(Photo: Amelia Kanan) Belle Isle needs a resurgance.

Scene In Detroit: Why Everyone Needs To Enjoy Belle Isle

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone just started taking advantage of the scenery, the activities and amenities which then would lower crime, fuel even more renovations and clean ups?

CBS Detroit–07/03/2012


Scene In Detroit: Mourning Coffee At Thistle

For the past few months, I sat behind my computer, quietly working on my projects, observing the life that existed in Thistle.

CBS Detroit–06/26/2012

(Photo: Amelia Kanan) There is plenty for out-of-town visitors to experience in Detroit.

Scene In Detroit: Out-of-Towners’ Edition

In case you have visitors coming or want to know what exactly made this such a great trip for my quests, here’s a list of their favorite things.

CBS Detroit–06/19/2012

(Photo: Amelia Kanan) Le Petit Zinc in Detroit is a hidden gem.

Scene In Detroit: Le Petit Zinc

Due to its cozy size and hidden locale, it’s easy to feel as though you’re not actually in an historic American-Irish neighborhood in Detroit but rather Aix-en-Provence in France.

CBS Detroit–06/12/2012

(Photo: Amelia Kanan) Visitors at the House of Art in Detroit.

Scene In Detroit: House Of Art-Detroit

If you’re interested in browsing, buying or experiencing some quality local art and architecture, House of Art is open every Saturday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

CBS Detroit–06/05/2012

Detroit Community Acupuncture

Scene In Detroit: Detroit Community Acupuncture

Amelia Kanan is pretty granola when it comes to health, but she was still apprehensive about acupuncture. Follow along as she visits the DCA.

CBS Detroit–05/29/2012

(Photo: Amelia Kanan) Chef Tenley Lark leads a cooking class at Honor and Folly, the city's newest inn.

Scene In Detroit: Honor And Folly Is A Cottage In the City

People might question the relevancy of the inn and wonder if it’s too unorthodox a concept for Detroit or the prices seem too high, but my response is this: Honor and Folly has been booked every weekend since its opening in December.

CBS Detroit–05/22/2012