Michigan House Passes Post-Parkland School Safety BillsMichigan's House passed its first school safety initiative since the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting on Tuesday
Michigan School Safety Bills Begin 1st Legislative HearingsEarly versions of Michigan's first school safety reforms since the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting steer toward campus security and away from gun laws, but the size and application of the new funds remains uncertain.
A Fire Alarm Sounds, Then Gunfire Erupts: Stay or Flee?Students today are taught to evacuate during fire alarms but lock down during school shootings. So there was confusion Wednesday when a fire alarm sounded — the second one that day — at a Florida high school as 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz unleashed a barrage of gunfire. Head for the exits or hunker down in classrooms?
School Safety Tips For Younger KidsSchool is back in session, so take some time to go over these important safety tips with your children. This is just the beginning of the conversation, but it's a great place to get started.
Detroit Teacher Says State-Managed Schools Are Unsafe The comments come after another teacher was fired after trying to break up a fight a student fight by using a broom.
DPS Sending Parents Survey To Rate Their Concerns Regarding School IssuesWhat are the top concerns among parents in the Detroit Public Schools? A survey sent to parents hopes to answer that very question.
Local Districts Examine Improved Safety Within Schools School Superintendents from the Lake Orion, Birmingham, Walled Lake and South Lyon school districts took part in an informational hearing on improving school safety on Tuesday.
Report: Mich. School Safety Laws Routinely IgnoredMichigan laws meant to improve safety at schools are routinely ignored and state officials don't know the scope of the problem, according to the results of a two-month investigation published Monday.
Detroit Public Schools Use Social Media To Spread Safety MessageDetroit Public Schools, which is mounting a massive effort to keep Detroit students safe in and around schools, is using a powerful social media technique to blanket Detroit with a message of safety.

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