Foote Says Michigan Needs To Recruit From The Ghetto, Blames University For Gibbons"I'm scratching my head and saying, 'What is going on?'" Foote said. "Who gave the University of Michigan the authority to say you're better than the police department?"
Foote Says NFL 'Doesn't Really Try To Deter Guys From Smoking Marijuana'"They don't care if you do or don't, they only test you once a year."
Karsch And Anderson Champ And Chump Of The Weekend 1-21-14Champ: Richard Sherman for his play against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game Sunday.
It's No Jeans Friday For Karsch And Anderson. Good Look?This might be the best outfit to ever be seen in the hallowed halls of the Ticket.
Karsch And Anderson: "Other Movie Hybrids To Follow Sharknado"Sharkdashian - NBA players beware. From JJ in Ann Arbor
The Falcons New Stadium Looks AwesomeI think the new hotness in stadium building is thinking about life outside of this planet.
Karsch And Anderson Champ And Chump Of The Weekend 6-4-13Champ: The Grand Prix on Belle Isle was a hit. Glad the race was able to finish this time.
Gator's 2013 Mock Draft!With all 3 Tackles off the board before the Lions pick at 5, they won't want to reach, so they do what makes sense and that is TRADE!
Gator: 'Not A Fan' Of Jose Valverde SigningDave Dombrowski has just made a move that will be criticized for days and weeks to come as the Tigers have signed Jose Valverde to a minor league contract.
Karsch And Anderson Go To The Smokehouse In MississippiYesterday Karsch and Anderson took the show on the road.
Karsch And Anderson Delayed AGAINThe Karsch and Anderson "Tailgate Cruiser" are once again delayed.
The Worst Signature Ever?

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