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Elias Abuelazam (AP, File)

Judge Orders 3rd Murder Trial In Serial Stabbings

A man blamed for a series of stabbings in and around Flint has been ordered to trial in a third case of murder.


Elias Abuelazam (AP, File)

4 More Trials Ordered In Flint Stabbing Spree

The trials are piling up for a man accused of being a Michigan serial killer after a judge ordered four more on charges of attempted murder in the Flint area.


Serial Killer To Face Trial For 1968 Murder

Pontiac District Judge Rhonda Gross has ordered suspected serial killer Nolan George, of Ohio, to stand trial for a 1968 murder.


Suspected Flint Serial Stabber In Court

The accused Flint serial stabber appeared in court Friday, his face beaten and battered from a scuffle with deputies this week at the Genesee County Jail.  Elias Abuelazam is charged with three murders in the Flint area, […]


Officers Zap Alleged Flint Serial Killer In Jail

A sheriff says jail officers had to use a stun gun to subdue a man accused of a series of fatal stabbings in Flint. Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says Elias Abuelazam tried to punch a sergeant […]


2 New Murder Charges In Flint Serial Stabbings

Officials in Flint have filed two additional murder charges against a man who’s already accused of murder and attempted murder in a series of stabbings that panicked the area last summer. Genesee County Prosecutor David […]


More Charges Coming Against Serial Stabbings Suspect

More charges will be announced Thursday against a man already accused of murder and attempted murder in a series of stabbings that killed five men in the Flint area.


Flint Serial Stabbings Faces Charge In Ohio

A Michigan man suspected in a string of stabbings across three states has been charged with stabbing a church custodian in Ohio. A grand jury in Toledo indicted Elias Abuelazam on Friday.


Suspect In Flint Serial Stabbings Faces New Charge

The suspect in the Flint serial stabbing cases is facing a charge of malicious destruction of property. Elias Abuelazam was accused Thursday of smashing a car window in a bar parking lot in Genesee Township.


Murder, New Assault Charges In Serial Stabbings

A man suspected in a series of stabbings in Michigan and two other states has been arraigned on four new counts of attempted murder and one open murder.