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Michigan Passes Right-To-Work Laws Amid Protests

Michigan is the nation’s 24th right-to-work state after two bills were signed into law Tuesday.



GOP To Introduce Right-To-Work Bills With Snyder’s Support

It appears certain that so-called “right-to-work” legislation will be introduced in Michigan on Thursday.

WWJ Newsradio 950–12/06/2012

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Group Asks For GOP Apology In Vagina Flap

Groups upset over last month’s silencing of a female Democratic lawmaker who said “vagina” during a state House debate have delivered 115,000 signatures asking for an apology.

WWJ Newsradio 950–07/18/2012

Rep. Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield)

Silenced Lawmaker Gets Huge Outpouring Of Support

“They want to silence women on it. I absolutely think this is about a war on women, ” said State Rep. Lisa Brown, who was barred from speaking in the Michigan House after using the word “vagina” during a debate over anti-abortion legislation.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/26/2012


Array Of Legislation Left Unfinished As State Lawmakers Take A Break

Ever wish you still had a nice, long summer vacation? Consider running for office.


Rep. Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield)

Office Defends Censorship: ‘Context’ Was Problem With Rep’s Use Of ‘V-Word’

The Speaker of the House’s office is defending the decision to reprimanded a state lawmaker who said “vagina” during a discussion on the House floor.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/15/2012

House Bill Blocks Funding For New Bridge To Canada

Just one day ahead of an expected announcement by the governor about a plan for the project, thestate House has voted to prohibit using state money to build another bridge across the Detroit River.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/14/2012

Michigan Rep. Censored For Use Of ‘V-Word’

A West Bloomfield State Representative has been censored for comments she made during a House session.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/14/2012


House Approves Anti-abortion Bills In Michigan

The Michigan House has passed legislation that would restrict and regulate abortion practices though it set aside or eased some contentious provisions.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/13/2012

House Panel Blocks Funding For New International Bridge

Just two days before the governor is expected to announce a plan for the project, House lawmakers are attempting to block state spending to build another bridge across the Detroit River.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/13/2012