A statue of Superman owned by Michael Ja

How Does Superman Shave? I Have The Solution!

By: Theron Dahlerup If you are as excited as I am for the upcoming summer blockbuster movie “Man of Steel”, the newest movie in the Superman franchise, then you may have a question burning inside […]

97.1 The Ticket–05/30/2013

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The Death Calculator

This morning the show talked about Bill’s uncle looking for a death calculator to try and figure how long he’ll live. The calculator says that he would live into his 90’s. You can take the […]

97.1 The Ticket–06/05/2012

Film fans all take photographs at the same time during the Marvel Avengers Assemble European Premiere at Vue Westfield in London, on April 19, 2012. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

The Week In Geek For 4-27-12

The Avengers rule them all

97.1 The Ticket–04/27/2012

Florida Marlins v Arizona Diamondbacks

The Week In Geek For 4-19-12

By: Theron Dahlerup Ghostbusters Proton Pack I love seeing people get creative and build things from movies and games. A few weeks ago I posted a picture from a guy who built a full suit […]

97.1 The Ticket–04/19/2012

Epic Rap Battles Of History

I found these videos a little over a year ago and was hooked.

97.1 The Ticket–04/04/2012

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The Week In Geek 3-29-12

By: Theron Dahlerup What’s in an Internet minute Most people know who Intel is, right? If you are using a Windows computer then more than likely there is a sticker on your computer with their […]

97.1 The Ticket–03/29/2012


The Greatest Video Game Theme Songs

OK, first off just a few rules I went by while I made my selections: #1: I only selected games that were in the 64 bit era or earlier, #2: I only selected 1 song per game franchise, and with that let’s get into the list!

97.1 The Ticket–03/28/2012


The Week In Geek 3-22-12

Here is a video of 2 Batmobiles racing. 1 is from the 60’s TV show and the other is from Burton’s movie from 1989.

97.1 The Ticket–03/22/2012

012612 - CMU

Theron’s Blog: Cat Fight At CMU

Highlights came at the end of the game when some of the CMU ladies and Ohio ladies decided they wanted to act like Snoop from The Wire.

97.1 The Ticket–01/26/2012

122111 - Flip Book

Theron’s Blog: Merry Christmas Metro Detroit!

Back in October you may remember I did a Halloween blog that starred Melanie Iglesias. Well, thank you Internet lords, because she has come out with a new edition of her flip book for the […]

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